“Put first the Kingdom of God”, but what does that look like for me?

Our goal is to help Jesus Lovers create a rounded missional life motivated & inspired by the love of Christ.

No willing Jesus Lover should feel disempowered or overwhelmed by their walk with the Lord. We coach Believers, especially 18-35, in discovering, planning, and living a life filled with the love of Christ that extends far past the doors of the church. We equip, & empower you to put first the Kingdom of God wherever you go because we believe you are loved, created for a purpose & designed to spread the love you’ve received from Him.


  • Schedule a Consultation

    In this 30 minute conversation, you’ll share your heart - where you are & where you want to go.

  • Step out of your Comfort Zone

    Your coach with guide you through the heart work to discover & plan what a missional life looks like for you.

  • Step into Freedom

    Empowered with tools, community, & deeper connection to the Lord, now all that’s left is to step into it.

Coaching Topics


  • Vision Casting & Personal Strategy

    Create a long term vision, short term goals, and a strategy to build the missional life you’ve envisioned.

  • Holistic Health

    Look at yourself through a lens of body, soul and Spirit to see how each of those parts connect and how to live in health in each of them, creating the healthiest version of yourself!

Where do you want to start?

Learn about the products that will help you live a Kingdom Way of Life

Kingdom Life Plan

The Kingdom Life Plan will help you reflect on your transformation, identity your Kingdom calling, & prepare you for a Kingdom Way of Life.


We give away what He’s given us

Rashidat Odeyemi

Vision Casting & Personal Strategy Coach

Hey! I’m Rashidat - a straight up nerd, a dreamer, & an aspiring tiny house owner passionate about living from an abundance mindset. ​ I coach Believers in affirming their identity, creating a long term vision & planning a strategy to live a missional life.

Tammy Moye

Holistic Health Coach

Hey! I'm Tammy — half American, half Canadian, full lover of travel, and passionate about deep, authentic relationships. I love to journey with others as they learn to slow down, evaluate life and make intentional decisions that create the life they want to live!

We coach with a simple process

It’s not about the perfect answer. We walk with you on the path.

Coaching doesn’t replace the voice of the Lord. We guide believers in discernment, perseverance, and encouragement to continue running the race!

From our clients

These a just a few of the great things our clients had to say...

“I felt so encouraged in our sessions, but it's been even more encouraging to look back at my worksheets & see that since last June I’ve hit almost all of my 3 month and 1 year goals and the year isn't even over! Thank you for helping me jumpstart my vision. It feels so good to accomplish my goals!”

Kristin June

“Not only did Rashidat communicate what I needed to do in order to clarify my vision, she helped me articulate the rhythm of my heartbeat in a tangible exciting way. She beautifully complemented my gifting as her own in the way she conducted the session and celebrated every step of clarification. She gave me honesty when she communicated her thoughts on a subject and she presented articulation as a doorway to freedom, and not a prison to shame or guilt.”

Alisha Allen

““I value chatting with our squad KLC so much. She is wise, offers incredible perspective, and empowers me to make steps toward pursuing the dreams the Lord puts on my heart. And she’s real with me too! She’s  an awesome encourager that speaks truth in a way that encourages me to make some important life steps!””

Mady Riedlinger

Sessions starting at $65 per session

With a coaching package, get a discounted price of $50 per session.

The Kingdom is rejoicing!

A Kingdom Way of Life outside of a church can seem broad & impossible, but today you’ve taken a step closer to living a missional life!


We’d like to share our heart & motivation with you.


We’re believers connected by a transformational experience called the World Race.  During our journey with the Lord, we cried & struggled, but we also grew and learned what life on mission could look like.  He asked us each to give away what we’ve learned.  It’s our honor to be a part of your journey to living a deeper, fulfilling, and loving Kingdom Way of Life.


We coach because we know that you are loved and have a part to play in bringing the Kingdom of God here on Earth.  We want to help you live from the pure foundation of dignity - God’s value & worth of you - in your identity and relationships with Him & your community, with intentionality, as you spread His love wherever you go!


Because we value uniqueness, we will meet every individual where they are within their journey.  And because we value ownership, we empower our clients to decide how to live out who God created them to be.

Kingdom Life Plan

The Kingdom Life Plan will help your reflect on your transformation, identity your Kingdom calling, & prepare you for a Kingdom way of life.

Our Promise to You

As we live our values,

  • We will guide you, but not make decisions for you.

  • We will help you step further into who God has created you to be.

  • We will guide you by asking open ended questions that help you see varying perspectives.

  • We will equip you with tools to walk out your journey.

  • Though we'll be your sounding board, we will not push you to decide in a specifc way.

Here are a few answers to some questions you may have....

  • What makes coaching different from counseling or mentorship?

    Coaching is about taking ownership & implementing principles you’re learning. Often times you don't have issues that need to be addressed through counseling or need advice through mentorship. Coaching is a guided discovery process to help you decide for yourself what you need to do and set goals. The goal is to help you do this on your own after getting help with starting the process. 

  • What is the difference between counseling & coaching?

    Counseling creates a safe environment for each person to walk through pain and struggles by processing their emotions, relational patterns and issues. Counseling focuses on the problem and helps each person resolve issues to heal. Coaching helps you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles and make active changes in your life. We empower you to reach your goals on your own without giving advice or specific direction. The goal is for you to utilize your strengths and overcome your weaknesses in order to live the life you desire. Both can be powerful tools to help people but their goals are different.

  • How do I get involved as a coach?

    Currently, we are not adding to our network of coaches. However, we may add coaches to our network in the future! Please feel free to reach out to info@kingdomlifecoaches.com if you have any questions.