Kingdom Life Coaches: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Coaching?

Coaching can help people set goals and make steps forward. Often times people don't have issues they need to address through counseling or need advice through mentorship. Coaching helps people discover for themselves what they need to do and set goals. The goal is to help them do this on their own after getting help starting the process.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Coaching works with people to help them achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and make active changes in their lives. Through utilizing specific skills, coaches help people reach their goals on their own without giving advice or specific direction. The goal is for people to utilize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses in order to live out the life they desire. Counseling creates a safe environment for each person to walk through pain and struggles by processing their emotions, relational patterns and issues. Counseling focuses on the problem and helps each person resolve issues to heal. Both can be powerful tools to help people but their goals are different.

What can I expect from a coaching session?

Our coaching sessions focus on the Kingdom Life Plan (KLP). The KLP addresses the areas of intimacy, community and mission to develop a vision statement. We believe this vision statement is vital to help you be successful and live a life of Kingdom wherever you are. Our sessions focus on helping each person develop that vision statement. From there we help them process through what it looks like to apply their vision statement to life and set goals in how to do this. Each session is unique to each individual's vision statements and needs.

How much is one coaching session?

One coaching session is $50/session. Each session is about 50-55 minutes.

What are the qualifications of each coach?

Each coach is highly recommended and experienced in coaching others to live out their calling in a Kingdom way of life. They go through a supervised process of coaching and are continuously held accountable to providing high quality coaching. Currently, they are in the process of being certified through our own certification but some coaches have their own qualifications due to chosen careers.

Are you affiliated with another organization?

Yes, we are a ministry of G42 and fall under their covering and beliefs. For more information please visit generation42.org. We also work in partnership with Adventures in Missions to help World Racers in returning from the field. For more information please visit worldrace.org.

How do I get involved as a coach?

Currently, we are not adding people to our network of coaches. However, we may add coaches to our network in the future! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

All Kingdom Life Coaching (KLC) services, communication and website content are for the purposes of coaching and helping clients meet their goals. However, KLC does not perform any medical services such as mental health counseling, psychiatric or psychological services or treatment. We perform life coaching services that should not take the place of any psychological services. If you are seeking mental health services please contact your nearest facility or the nearest hospital if it is an emergency.