Our coaches have conducted over 

150 sessions

We have been in your shoes and walked the path to living a Kingdom Way of Life.
We ask simple, powerful questions that drive understanding and trigger passion.
We use proven tools and training to create detailed, impactful plans to achieve your God given dreams.





Rashidat is a straight up nerd, a dreamer, a Jesus lover, an aspiring tiny house owner, & an unstoppable expert at failing and getting back up again.

Coming off home from the World Race can bring up so many feelings, but we all have the same goals when we get home 

  1. to maintain our momentum in our relationship with the Lord,

  2. love people, 

  3. and spreading His good news.  

Figuring out how to do that at home & how to get a rhythm to it all has so many ups & downs.  It can be hard to talk to your family & friends about it since they haven’t had the same type of experience, but you’re not alone.

I help Racers create a long term vision, plan a strategy, & develop the habits -- personally & financially -- to live the desires the Lord has paced on your heart!


Our intro sessions will surround pulling out who God has created you to be into an empowering vision statement, getting the desires of your heart down on paper, & creating a plan to start walking by faith towards all the Lord has placed on your heart.


Every conversation you have will be filtered through the lens of God’s love. I know God has created YOU to do something amazing for His kingdom. Are you ready? 


Andrew thrives on helping others uncover their deepest desires and potential. He will help you create a plan that brings alignment between who you're created to be and the path you should pursue.

As a gifted teacher and deep listener, he will empower you to listen deeply to the Holy Spirit and to your own soul to form goals and then implement tools and processes to get you where you need to be.

Count on every session bringing you into a deeper embrace of the gift God has made you to be.


Tammy has functioned as a Squad Leader for four World Race squads and a Squad Mentor for two squads. This experience has brought out and refined her passion to journey with others. She loves to walk with people as they discover who God created them to be and how to live that reality out in a Kingdom context.

She holds a balance of creating a safe space for your authentic self while also fighting by your side as you move towards holistic health!


She will challenge you and call out your best self.


Deon was born in South Africa and at a very young age felt the calling to ministry. After completing seminary in 1986 with the Full Gospel Church of God, he worked for almost ten years in a secular job doing sales and construction. In 1996 he went back into full-time ministry. In 1999, they felt the call from God to move to the states and then became associate pastor of a church in Jacksonville, Florida. After two years, the senior pastor retired and Deon took over the ministry as senior pastor for the next ten years. They are full-time coaches with Adventures in Missions and they oversee the Coaches Training Program. He is a Certified Christian Life Coach as well as a Certified Relationship Coach accredited through Symbiosis Coaching and ICF.

Deon and Rynette have been married for 33 years and Rynette has been a great support in ministry. They have one daughter that is married to Josh Conte and they live close to them in Atlanta.  Deon has a passion to teach the Word to help people that are hungry to find their identity in Christ! He is constantly disciplining young people and helping them to discover their purpose in the Kingdom.


For a moment in time, Matt looked exactly like the guy in this picture. 


He seeks to live life with a blend of faith in Christ, empathy, humor, grit, courage, ("natural flavors"), and love. He is deeply passionate about being "transformed through the renewing of your mind," (Romans 12) and understands that "the renewing of your mind" piece takes a combination of the above listed ingredients of his life (and sometimes more).  One of his life missions is to help people navigate the perspective shifts necessary to achieve a renewed mind in Christ and attack life on the other end.


Matt has served, led, and lived life with young adults for over 14 years. He'll use that experience and (hopefully) the Lord's leading to help you develop a sustainable lens on life that looks to the unseen and not the seen, as you seek to live with an eternal perspective that produces righteous fruit for what's left of a lifetime. 

"She helped me get next step to complete a goal I’ve wanted to complete for a long time, she gave me debrief questions, she helped me realize I need to work on myself in some areas I didn’t know I needed help with! SHE WAS GREAT!"

"It was helpful to talk with someone who knows what you’re going through, but also who can help you figure out what you need and are feeling!"

"Wow, he provided some really awesome insight. I can’t wait to try some of my “action steps” before my next session!"


"It was nice to be able to talk through all the things I was feeling/thinking in regards to coming home from the race and what to do next! My KLC was able to help me take a step back and look with new perspective - super helpful!"

What Our Client's Say

"He was very helpful and attentive and helped me to narrow down my action plan."


All Kingdom Life Coaching (KLC) services, communication and website content are for the purposes of coaching and helping clients meet their goals. However, KLC does not perform any medical services such as mental health counseling, psychiatric or psychological services or treatment. We perform life coaching services that should not take the place of any psychological services. If you are seeking mental health services please contact your nearest facility or the nearest hospital if it is an emergency.