Our coaches have conducted over 

100 sessions

We have been in your shoes and walked the path to living a Kingdom Way of Life.
We ask simple, powerful questions that drive understanding and trigger passion.
We use proven tools and training to create detailed, impactful plans to achieve your God given dreams.





Reid is driven to help you create simple plans for extraordinary dreams. As an engineer, Reid is passionate about understanding and tackling incredible opportunities one step at a time.

You’re meant to live a life of ownership, authority, and purpose. You'll join Reid on a proven, practical approach to life coaching that's focused on turning knowledge into power and potential into purpose.

You’re uniquely designed for a unique purpose, and you'll walk away with incredible understanding and immediate next steps.


Victoria is an associate licensed therapist in Georgia. She has a passion to help people walk through healing and find freedom in many areas of their life. She believes the more you know yourself and grow with the Lord, the more you will step bravely into your calling.

She has extensive experience working with missionaries returning from the mission field. Since her own experience on the World Race in 2010, she has developed a passion to help people love and be Kingdom wherever they are.

Each session will be filled with laughter and comfort as you gain better understanding of yourself and live out your vision.


Rashidat is a woman that will help you dream big, create an amazing plan, and will walk with you through the seasons of your transition.

Gifted as a prophet and teacher, she will encourage you by calling out who God created you to be and will help you use amazing tools to accomplish the goals the Lord has created within you. With a heart transformed by God’s love, she believes that love is the point of it all.

Every conversation you have will be filtered through the lens of God’s love. She knows God has created YOU to do something amazing for His kingdom. Her focus is in vision casting, personal strategy and financial stewardship!


Andrew thrives on helping others uncover their deepest desires and potential. He will help you create a plan that brings alignment between who you're created to be and the path you should pursue.

As a gifted teacher and deep listener, he will empower you to listen deeply to the Holy Spirit and to your own soul to form goals and then implement tools and processes to get you where you need to be.

Count on every session bringing you into a deeper embrace of the gift God has made you to be.


Tammy has functioned as a Squad Leader for four World Race squads and a Squad Mentor for two squads. This experience has brought out and refined her passion to journey with others. She loves to walk with people as they discover who God created them to be and how to live that reality out in a Kingdom context.

She holds a balance of creating a safe space for your authentic self while also fighting by your side as you move towards holistic health!


She will challenge you and call out your best self.

"She helped me get next step to complete a goal I’ve wanted to complete for a long time, she gave me debrief questions, she helped me realize I need to work on myself in some areas I didn’t know I needed help with! SHE WAS GREAT!"

"It was helpful to talk with someone who knows what you’re going through, but also who can help you figure out what you need and are feeling!"

"Wow, he provided some really awesome insight. I can’t wait to try some of my “action steps” before my next session!"


"It was nice to be able to talk through all the things I was feeling/thinking in regards to coming home from the race and what to do next! My KLC was able to help me take a step back and look with new perspective - super helpful!"

What Our Client's Say

"He was very helpful and attentive and helped me to narrow down my action plan."


All Kingdom Life Coaching (KLC) services, communication and website content are for the purposes of coaching and helping clients meet their goals. However, KLC does not perform any medical services such as mental health counseling, psychiatric or psychological services or treatment. We perform life coaching services that should not take the place of any psychological services. If you are seeking mental health services please contact your nearest facility or the nearest hospital if it is an emergency.