Coaching Topics

  • Vision Casting & Personal Strategy

    This coaching topic guide you to create a long term vision, short term goals, and a strategy to build the life you’ve envisioned.

  • Holistic Health

    This coaching topic guides you in getting to the root of a holistic mindset, understanding the triggers that pull you our of a mindset, and how to rebalance when life gets you off track.

Vision Casting & Personal Strategy

Knowing where we’re going with the Lord, but allowing Him to give you the steps

Do you feel that if you knew the end point it’d be easier to stay the course? In this coaching topic, Rashidat guides you in principles of first affirming who the Lord has created you to be, but helps you see and live the value of vision casting so that you and the Lord — together — can dream & build a life of spreading the Love of His Kingdom in everything you do.

What to expect:

Here’s an outline of the Vision Casting & Personal Strategy Process

  • Believers come with general idea of what they want their life to look like - from how they’ll live it and the calling the Lord has given them.

  • First, you’ll build your power statement — a statement of who you are, who you love, why you love, & how you’ll intentionally make an impact spreading His love.

  • Next, you’ll dream from the fullness of who you are and create a 10 year vision.

  • Then, you’ll break down your long term vision into short term goals & manageable baby steps.

  • You’ll end this process, having a tangible understanding of who you are and how you impact the world with a baby steps that you can do everyday build and live a missional life

Meet your Coach!

Hey there, I’m Rashidat!

I’d always heard “put first the kingdom of God”, but other than hoping an opportunity to do so stumbled across my path, I never knew if I was doing enough. The Lord showed me who He created me to be & how to give away who I am with intentionality and now I’m honored to share that with you. I’m a straight up nerd, dreamer, Jesus lover, and aspiring tiny house owner. I’m passionate about vision casting & personal strategy because I’ve seen how focusing on where the Lord is taking me has allowed me to let Him shoulder the journey and make me more grounded in our relationship. I really used to struggle to thrive and enjoy this dance called Life with the Lord because I was so busy stepping on the Lord’s toes. But now I’ve learned how to dance through life with fullness as He leads our dance. It’s changed my life and I’m excited for it to change your life, for the better, too!

Holistic Health

Live a balanced life

We all know health is important, but what does that even mean? And what is this 'holistic' thing? To be holistically healthy is to become aware of the whole of yourself - body, soul and spirit - and address the reality in front you within each of these categories. In this coaching package, Tammy guides you to acknowledge where you currently are in each of these areas and to take steps toward your desired destination.

What to expect:

Here’s an outline of the Holistic Process

  • Jesus Lovers begin this process with an awareness that life isn't quite as balanced as they'd like and a desire to make small changes that enable sustainability.

  • First, you'll identify which areas in your Body, Soul and/or Spirit that are thriving and which areas need a little extra love.

  • Next, you'll assess specific inputs and outputs in your life that bring life or death into who you are.

  • From there, you get to make a conscious choice to cultivate life-bringing things and eliminate life-taking things.

  • Finally, you’ll commit to small, sustainable changes that empower you to move in a direction that you want to be going in!

  • You’ll walk away equipped with tools that can help you slow down, make adjustments and sustain a Holistically healthy YOU!

Meet your Coach!

Hey there, I’m Tammy!

For a long time I didn't allow emotions to have space in my life. I would either ignore them or stuff them. It wasn't until I started creating space for emotions and discovering how to process them that I saw how they touched ever aspect of my being. Viewing myself holistically brought awareness of the overlap where my Body, Soul and Spirit connect and, therefore, affect each other. It opened my eyes to the fact that negative emotions could actually show up in my physical behavior. Mental confusion could be rooted in something spiritual. Physical exhaustion could come from over-exerting my will. I cannot separate the different parts that make up who I am! I believe the sustainability of our entire being is dependent on the individual parts working well together and I love to journey with others as they gain the same awareness and make choices that move them towards their own version of holistic health! Health is not a destination - it's the ability to know where you are and take the necessary steps to move toward where you want to be!

What are you waiting for?

This is your sign!

We all have the potential to live a Kingdom way of life making the world a better place by spreading His love. Are you ready to get started?


  • Schedule a Consultation

    In this 30 minute conversation, you’ll share your heart - where you are & where you want to go.

  • Step out of your Comfort Zone

    Your coach with guide you through the heart work to discover & plan what a missional life looks like for you.

  • Step into Freedom

    Empowered with tools, community, & deeper connection to the Lord, now all that’s left is to step into it.

From our clients

These a just a few of the great things our clients had to say...

“I felt so encouraged in our sessions, but it's been even more encouraging to look back at my worksheets & see that since last June I’ve hit almost all of my 3 month and 1 year goals and the year isn't even over! Thank you for helping me jumpstart my vision. It feels so good to accomplish my goals!”

Kristin June

“Not only did Rashidat communicate what I needed to do in order to clarify my vision, she helped me articulate the rhythm of my heartbeat in a tangible exciting way. She beautifully complemented my gifting as her own in the way she conducted the session and celebrated every step of clarification. She gave me honesty when she communicated her thoughts on a subject and she presented articulation as a doorway to freedom, and not a prison to shame or guilt.”

Alisha Allen

““I value chatting with our squad KLC so much. She is wise, offers incredible perspective, and empowers me to make steps toward pursuing the dreams the Lord puts on my heart. And she’s real with me too! She’s  an awesome encourager that speaks truth in a way that encourages me to make some important life steps!””

Mady Riedlinger

Kingdom Life Plan

The Kingdom Life Plan will help you reflect on your transformation, identity your Kingdom calling, & prepare you for a Kingdom Way of Life.