We’re not created to do this alone

You can muscle through figuring things out on your own, but...

We’re here to help!  We walk you through our framework within the coaching topic to streamline your process, leverage your every step & keep you encouraged!

Meet our coaches!

As coaches our goal is to guide you in an intentional process of discovery, planning, and living out a Kingdom Way of Life.

Meet Tammy!

Passionate about journeying with others to get to the root.

Tammy is half American, half Canadian, full lover of travel, adventure and deep, authentic relationships. She believes, in a world that moves fast, we too easily get swept up in the momentum of life and lose the ability to experience balanced health in our Body, Soul & Spirit! She loves to journey with others as they learn to slow down, evaluate life and make intentional decisions that create the life they want to live! Tammy guides you in identifying specific problems or gaps and discovering how to fill those gaps in each individual situation. There are no one-size-fits-all answers and her passion is the meet each individual where they are in order to help get them where they want to be!
Meet Tammy!

Tammy’s coaching topic is Holistic Health

Holistic Health is about making space for our emotions in the overlap of mind, soul, & spirit.

We all know health is important, but what does that even mean? And what is this 'holistic' thing? For a long time I didn't allow emotions to have space in my life. I would either ignore them or stuff them. It wasn't until I started creating space for emotions and discovering how to process them that I saw how they touched ever aspect of my being.

Viewing myself holistically brought awareness of the overlap where my Body, Soul and Spirit connect and, therefore, affect each other. It opened my eyes to the fact that negative emotions could actually show up in my physical behavior. Or mental confusion could be rooted in something spiritual. And my physical exhaustion could come from over-exerting my will.

I believe the sustainability of our entire being is dependent on the individual parts working well together and I love to journey with others as they gain the same awareness and make choices that move them towards their own version of holistic health!

Health is not a destination - it's the ability to know where you are and take the necessary steps to move toward where you want to be!

To be holistically healthy is to become aware of the whole of yourself - body, soul and spirit - to acknowledge where you currently are in each of these areas and to take steps toward your desired destination.

Meet Rashidat!

Passionate about you living your calling.

Rashidat is a straight up nerd, a dreamer, a Jesus lover, an aspiring tiny house owner, & an unstoppable expert at failing and getting back up again. ​ Your calling feels overwhelmingly big as you look at the big picture. Rashidat will help you translate the big picture — your vision — into tangible baby steps that you will walk out today to build that 10 year vision. Rashidat guides you in creating a long term vision, planning a strategy, & developing the habits -- personally & financially -- to live the desires the Lord has placed on your heart! Every conversation you have will be filtered through the lens of God’s love. I know God has created YOU to do something amazing for His kingdom.

Rashidat’s coaching topic is Vision Casting & Personal Strategy

Vision Casting & Personal Strategy is about doing your part to walk out your calling with the Lord.

I’ve always been a planner and a big dreamer, but I realized I could help others connect their big calling to their daily life when I had a friend ask me how to better use her planner.  I realized that the things I do to vision cast and strategize how I am an active part of my interdependent relationship with the Lord was something that more people could learn from & use.  The Lord used people to prophecy over me to tell me that coaching was the way He wanted me to give this away and it’s been a dream come true to step into this with Him.  

There’s something He’s asking YOU to give away that will bring that same joy to you because it’s a full expression of who He’s created to be and it will spread His Kingdom of Love in way only you can do.  I’m excited to help you figure out what that looks like and create some structure to living out your calling with Him because I know that’s how He’s called you to bring the Kingdom of God here on this Earth.

What our clients say

“She helped me get next step to complete a goal I’ve wanted to complete for a long time, she gave me debrief questions, she helped me realize I need to work on myself in some areas I didn’t know I needed help with! SHE WAS GREAT!”


“Wow, he provided some really awesome insight. I can’t wait to try some of my “action steps” before my next session!”

“It was helpful to talk with someone who knows what you’re going through, but also who can help you figure out what you need and are feeling!”

“He was very helpful and attentive and helped me to narrow down my action plan.”

“It was nice to be able to talk through all the things I was feeling/thinking in regards to coming home from the race and what to do next! My KLC was able to help me take a step back and look with new perspective - super helpful!”

What to expect

Never worked with a coach before? Here are some answers to a couple of questions you may have...

  • What is a life coach?

    As a coach, we ask simple, powerful questions that drive understanding & trigger passion with you. When you feel like something is on the tip of your tongue or just within your grasp we help you bring it to the surface. We guide you in creating detailed, impactful plans to achieve you God given dreams.

  • What’s the difference between coaching & counseling?

    A counselor & therapist guide you to healing through past & ongoing trauma. Whereas a coach’s goal is help you see and create a better future post healing.

  • What can I expect from a coaching session?

    Our coaching sessions start by creating goals of what you want to achieve from your sessions within a coaching topic. Within each session, we work towards achieving those goals by empowering you with tools and a plan to achieve your life you’re wanting to build.