3 Steps to a Vision Statement After the World Race

By: Rashidat Odeyemi

Wow, you've been on an amazing journey!

When I started the World Race, I left wanting to be transformed by love, wanting to have a deeper relationship with Jesus, and wanting to love others the way that He loved. And now that I've experienced that, I didn't want to lose the passion or fulfillment or the depth of our relationship as I transitioned home.

I bet that you feel the same way too and it can be a little overwhelming to manage those feelings.

It's crazy because we make a lot of plans and have so many ideas of what we will do with the Lord when we get home only to find there is still something "wrong". And if you're like me, you find that extremely frustrating!

But here's some hope, I've been through this too and this won't end in frustration. As a Kingdom Life Coach, I'm here to help you move from being frustrated to being empowered.

So, how can you take all that I've learned and move forward?

For me, I thought the answer was taking the things that I did on the Race and trying to bring them home. And while that was a part of the equation, the other part was vision casting and bringing to the front of my mind how I would reposition my whole life to truly include Him in all ways by creating a vision statement.

It wasn't easy, but here's what it looked like for me...

1. Jesus & I took some time to articulate, in words, specifically who He has created me to be.

Yes, I'm His Daughter & I'm made to bring His Kingdom of Love here on this Earth & that is a beautiful corporate cause to be a part of, but He also wanted me to know the specific & personal promises that He had for me. So, we gathered together words like visionary, deep thinker, problem solver & many other words to describe the character He's built in me. He knew I would need that because the first thing the devil tries to do is to make us doubt. But because I knew the specifics of who I am and I've seen how He uses those parts of me to love others, when the devil tells me I'm too much, I reply with clarity that Lord has created me with a big heart and passion to step into the places & conversations that make so many of us feel helpless. I'm created to help us find courage & be activated in the hard places. And while that might feel overwhelming and a lot to take in at first, I get to stand with someone as they adjust & find their role in the place where God is choosing to use them.

Knowing the specifics of my character & who I am created to be allows me to step, with confidence & love, into hard places and conversations to bring His light. And being armed with clarity and specificity of who you are will help you to do the same.

2. Jesus & I took some time to discuss how I love others.

I've read this amazing book from Brene Brown called Dare to Lead and He asked me to take use her thoughts to take my values a step further. Rather than having 5 words that I "value", He asked me to figure out the behaviors of what it looks like to live fully into my values every day and to know what it looks like when I'm sliding out of those behaviors. (Which is soo dang good, Jesus!)

When I have clarity of what it looks like to live my values, I can be intentional about loving people. I can also gage how well I've stepped into loving as He's asked me to in how He's asked me to give my life away, rather than base it on the feelings of people or other external factors.

Knowing how you live your values will empower you to love with deeper intentionality in who the Lord has created you to be.

3. Jesus & I took some time to step back and see who He's given me a heart to relate to.

He asked me if I'd figured out who He's asked me to love. See, He knows that no matter where I go that I have an opportunity to love everyone I meet, but He also knows my story. He knows that when I share how He's loved me through all the things that could shame me that I speak empowerment into others. When someone can relate to the specifics of my story, I give hope in a personal way and help them to see the depths of how He loves them too.

When I, and you, have clarity of who we are created to love, we're empowered to give encouragement to them in a personal way.

Do you see the beauty in all this? It could just be me, but I've found that having this kind of clarity is so FREEING!

It's freeing because now I realize that I don't have do anything, but be exactly who the Lord has created me to be and live fully in His will. I'm a visionary. I'm a deep thinker. I'm vibrant. I have a big heart for serving people in hard places and hard situations. I give myself away when I empower conversation and when I create a safe space for someone to step into some place or part of themselves they've never used before. I will see and encourage dreamers to persevere.

And the most beautiful part of everything that I just listed is that I will do it no matter what job I hold, no matter where in the world I go, and no matter what a person looks like. It's freeing to know I can take action and not get it wrong because the Lord will use who He has created me to be always and everywhere.


Take a pause and think about that!

So many of us come home from the Race petrified that we will be stepping out of the Lord's will for us and that we'll be messing up His plan, but if we think about what I just said, the only way we can mess up His plan is to choose not to live as He has created us to be.

When you live fully as (insert your name) you are living in worship and deep relationship with the Lord. And gosh He's excited to be with you!

You might be saying...

"That sounds great. How do I get that? I want a vision statement that will give me a 40K foot view of how me and Jesus are going to love the world so that I'm armed with the clarity of who I am so that I can be intentional about living fully into who the Lord has created be."

Well, I'm glad you asked!

We at Kingdom Life Coaches are here to help you do just that and it's easy to get started.

1. Choose a coach. 2. Sign up for a free consultation and 3. Show up so we can talk you through the next steps.

It's that easy & we can't wait to chat!

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