3 Tips to Surviving a Transition

One of our goals at Kingdom Life Coaches is to help people transition well through life coaching. We mostly work with the World Race in helping racers transition after about a year long trip to various countries. In the light of COVID, things are halted all over the world there aren't any racers internationally. However, so many people are in a transition that is similar to what racers experience when they come off the field and it is so applicable to me right now.

I was a racer back in 2010 and I went to over 15 different countries and made the transition home. While it was challenging, I almost began to get use to the idea of transitioning over and over again. I began to tolerate the goodbyes, the pains, the celebrations and the new adaptions that I had to make each time. I got use to it, but fast forward 10 years and 2020 is a whole new ball game.

I have always had various jobs that have changed over and over again but it was my choosing. 2020 brings job changes that were not expected and transitions that no one could plan for. That feeling of being out of control is much more magnified this year. I have had to change positions and adapt in my career in ways that have been super challenging. Along with that, I am moving from a house I've lived in for 6 years and getting married after being single for 32 years, all in about a month.

I've been reflecting on transitioning and how to navigate it. Transitions can often be of my own choosing but I also know there are things out of my control in many areas in a transition. I wanted to give a few tips on how to survive a transition, whether or not you chose it. All three of these things I have been learning in this season. Not only have I been doing these things but at one point I realized I am going to be completely burnt out if I don't!

  1. Give yourself grace. You are going through a transition and it is a lot. It could be a choice of your own or a circumstance beyond your control. Either way, it is hard and painful sometimes. Give yourself time to process, if you make a mistake in this time, you are allowed to do that. You are a human. You cannot perfectly do ANYTHING. If that means you need to literally tell yourself to have grace, then do it. Find some people in your life to tell you that same thing!

  2. Say no. If you need time to process or if you need to slow down, say no! It is ok you can't give yourself fully to every area of your life, in fact it's unrealistic to think you can do everything while you are transitioning. I kept saying yes to things, and while I didn't necessarily fill every minute of time, I was so exhausted. My mental energy was taken up by everything that I had to do! So I had to start saying no to things or just pause things until the transition is over.

  3. Don't forget yourself. It's easy to get caught in moving through the transition as fast as you can to get to the other side. It is easy to go into survival mode. But stop, don't do that. Sometimes there are important aspects to what we are experiencing right now. Don't forget that you are important. What you are going through is important. Your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health are important. You might need to prioritize that right now, especially if this transition is particularly harder than others have been. Ask yourself what that would look like right now.

Try these things, friends. Transition can be so challenging. It is important to slow down in the midst of it and pay attention. Pay attention to what God is doing in and through you instead of moving as quickly as you can though it!

Our coaches at Kingdom Life Coaches are here to help. Do you need help with approaching your goals during this transition to stay focused? Reach out to us, we can help you!


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