Effective Change

We all have things in our lives that we would like to be different ––change and evolution are part of the journey!

Change and evolution will happen whether we intend for it to or not. 

So, how do we become intentional about what's changing and actually evolve in the way and direction we want to? How do we make that inevitable change effective? Awareness. What's the things I want to change to be the best version of myself?  Are there things changing that I don't want to change? Observation. I want ________ to be different.  Is this something I can control? - If yes, what do I need to shift to move toward change? - If no, what expectation do I have that I need to release? Choice. I've identified what I want to change and how to move toward that change, but the change wont happen unless I choose to follow through. Choice happens either by intention or by default.  I choose to make new habits or maintain old ones.  I choose to have impact or be passive. I choose to engage or ignore. I choose pursuit or complacency. Whether I realize it or not I'm making a choice. Commitment. I know what needs to happen, I've chosen to head in a certain direction, now I must do it! It may not be easy, it may require accountability, it may produce failure before success, but I will commit to go after my intention! Change is happening constantly. Ask yourself, "Am I actively participating in the change in my own life?"

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