Life is Not Complicated- Simple

As humans, we're pretty good at making things much more complex than they need to be. We come up with scenarios in our minds that aren't real. We assume problems will be there before they even happen. We build walls and project feelings and strategize ways to protect ourselves. We make versions of ourselves that we believe others will like. We manipulate circumstances and situations to fall in line with our perception of what's best. 

I'm not saying all of those things are bad - but I'm not saying they're good. Sometimes we do need to manipulate circumstances. Sometimes we do need to anticipate problems. Sometimes we do need to protect ourselves from certain people and experiences.

We also, though, need to be aware that we're doing these things and do them on purpose, not from a default setting - that's when things get too complicated.

So what does life look like, simply? Be your authentic self and love the people around you.

Some would say I'm oversimplifying, but I would need to be convinced that that's true.

It's not complicated, but that doesn't mean it's not hard.

It is simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy. 

What are some simple things you could do today that would enrich your life?

Maybe you could:

Say "no" more.

Say "yes" more.

Say "sorry".

Say "I forgive you".

Ask yourself "why" you do a particular behavior...then ask yourself "why" four more times to get to the root of why you do that behavior. 

Ask for another person's perspective on a particular situation.

Choose to live humbly.

Choose to love.

Choose to prefer others over yourself.

When we can simplify our thoughts, behaviors and actions, we create more capacity to life in the spaces that give us life - one simple step at at time.

To simplify your life by setting those 'one step at a time' goals, reach out to us!


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