Living Love, Living Kingdom

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

By: Victoria Maynez

I spent some time praying about what to write and all I heard from God was “write about my love”. At first I had no idea how that could apply to coaching. We help people write vision statements and set goals, we don’t discuss God’s love. However, I realized that is completely false. We may not discuss God’s love specifically but we live His love through our coaching.

Our heart for each person is to experience God’s love in such a way that they feel called to BE His love wherever they go. Our hope is they encounter the freedom of His love in such a way they can’t hold back being love to other people. And then, they can’t hold back from living Kingdom in EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

And they do. World Racers travel to 11 other countries being the hands of feet of Jesus and along the way they find freedom from pain, intimacy with Jesus and learn what it means to be the Church. Their lives are transformed. It doesn’t stop with the World Race, there are countless other Christian organizations who are helping people be Kingdom in every arena of life and bringing the gospel to dark places. They are getting freed and freeing those around them.

But here is the issue, after such a life changing experience it’s easy to come home and get discouraged. It’s easy to lose sight 5 to 20 years later of the power, freedom and love of God. I have lost sight of it at times. There have been periods of my life that felt like autopilot. I would just go to work, come home and repeat. The shame would begin to creep in and replace the freedom I use to feel. I started to feel I wasn’t good enough to experience God’s love anymore.

But God’s love was still constant and eventually I would allow the shame to fall away and rest in Him. Then I would be reminded of the freedom that God walked me through in my own World Race journey. It would give me hope to remember the times that God’s love was so evident and that I am still free. I would reflect on the times God showed up in ways I never expected and be encouraged that years later I still serve the same God, despite my shame and failures. I can still experience His refreshing presence at work without having to do the next best “Christian” thing.

I believe that experiencing this every day is possible. Living Kingdom and sharing God’s love can happen on a daily basis. Sometimes we fail, sometimes we forget but He is always there. He is always gently guiding us back to him. It gives me hope that in the boring days of paying bills, answering emails and routines, God is still moving. His powerful love is still available. And I can be that love in each coaching session and each email and with each person I encounter daily.

In the midst of coaching sessions, when we discuss back and forth about the words to use in a vision statement, I can be God’s love by showing grace and asking God to give the words. In the midst of deciding on which goals to set, I can be God’s love by showing up and being present. There are days that I fail at it, because I am human. But the beauty of His love is that it’s working despite my abilities. And I can pick myself up, ask for forgiveness and try again. His love is never ending.


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