Running on Tired Legs

I’ve spent a lot of time running during the COVID shutdown which has given me time to think about a half-marathon I ran two years ago. It was my first introduction to the concept of “running on tired legs”.

Running on tired legs is the basic building block of every endurance race. It’s one thing to run on fresh legs, but the true endurance athlete keeps pumping even when fatigue sets in.

I’m starting to believe the same is true for nearly every dream.

Online school? You’re going to get tired, can you keep running?

Home renovations? It takes energy, so what will you do when you have none?

Work promotion? It’s a long road ahead, can you push through?

Whatever endurance race you’re running, it’s about not giving up even when you’re tired.

It’s about not letting the pain decide for you.

This simple acceptance to running on tired legs is what separates great achievements from good intentions.

Can you run on tired legs? Is it worth it to you?

In order to keep running on tired legs, you need to know two things:

1) it’s possible to keep moving, and 2) it’s worth it to keep moving.

If it’s not possible, then the pain is pointless. But even if it is possible, if it’s not worth it to you, you’ll quit to stop the pain.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself about running on tired legs:

  1. Is this my race or someone else’s race? Am I doing this for me, or them?

  2. How can I celebrate small victories/milestones? How can I keep my spirits?

  3. Why is this important? Why does this matter?

  4. How do I view quitting? Is it an option? If so, when? If not, why not?

  5. Who do I need to ask for help? Can someone run with me, or cheer me on?

Coaching, especially Kingdom Life Coaching, is a great way to answer #5. If you need someone in your corner, someone to help encourage, support, and problem solve, we’re here for you.

Enjoy the running!


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