Unlocking with Questions

Sometimes we can feel stuck and need a way to get unstuck. Sometimes we “feel” fine, but are on a collision course with being stuck or anxious. Often times it is the questions we ask, or don’t ask, that ultimately lead us away from the life more abundant in Christ. I deeply believe questions, answered in the backdrop of God’s word, can be a great tool.

Here are a list of some questions designed to open up a new way of thinking. Some will be helpful for making decisions. Some will just be helpful for realigning false assumptions that may have been driving our emotions in general, and subsequently our decisions.

Each or these questions has the potential to take us down longer journeys that are best walked with the Lord and maybe even with someone like a coach, mentor, or discipler. Think of these as conversation starters and journey with the Lord and trusted influences who lean deep into Him.

  • Instead of asking God if we “should do” something like take a job or ministry opportunity and requiring some “sign,” (when the thing isn’t prohibited by scripture) consider asking “God are you against this?” If not, then it’s possible you get to decide. (which opens up a lot more questions perhaps)

  • Lord, what's the question you want me to ask?

  • What have I been avoiding or is there a question I’m afraid of getting the answer to?

  • Where has my self-awareness grown outdated?

  • Where have I let my good intentions or yesterday's hardships or yesterday's obedience or someone else's failure (perceived or actual) serve as a justification for disobedience?

  • Do I have any unconfessed and/or unrepented sin?

  • Do I have any place where I’ve let revelation and conviction be hijacked by shame rather than repentance?

  • Do I have a place where I’ve confessed sin, but stopped short of repentance?

  • Where have I let explanation disguise itself as an excuse?

  • What yes in my life was for a time, but the time for that yes has passed?

  • What no in my life was for a time, but the time for that no has now passed?

  • Where am I letting fear disguise itself as practicality?

  • Where am I letting passivity disguise itself as patience?

  • Where am I letting impatience disguise itself as courage?

  • Where have I confused peace with comfort?

  • Where am I letting scripture be circumvented by culture?

  • Where am I letting scripture be circumvented by my personal desire and/or good intention?

  • Am I seeking to have inner peace by justifying myself or peace with God, justified by Him?

  • What things am I right about the wrong way?

  • Where have I let compassion be hijacked by the world's truth?

  • Where have I let truth be hijacked by pride?

  • Where have I let my wisdom be hijacked by an agenda that's not Yours Lord?

  • Do you love me Lord? and will that change if… (insert a fear you have actually happening)?

These are often questions for personal growth and intimacy and will likely lead to more fruitful interpersonal relationships. In a future entry perhaps we’ll look at some questions directly meant to take us to deeper interpersonal unity in the Body of Christ and with other image bearers.


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