What if I Mess Up Again?!?

I've had multiple coaching sessions with over 40 Racers in the last couple of months and I've found a trend in the mindset of what it takes to build a Kingdom Life.

Many racers tend to believe that because the Lord’s promises did not happen the way they expected they have settled for living passively hoping to hit the bull’s eye labeled "a Kingdom Way of Life".

What if I told you that is the furthest from the truth?!?

The Lord gave me this vision that speaks to this mindset and I talk about it all the time because it is just SO. DANG. POWERFUL!

I'm on a path and Jesus is walking beside me. We're talking -- having fun -- doing life together! But then He elbows me and as we stop I follow His line of sight. As I'm trying to see what He's seeing, He says...

"Do you see that beautiful cliff over there?"

It's obvious I can't really see it because I'm squinting, but He starts to describe the depth of the drop, the beauty of the view, and the thrill of the wind that will carry us when we jump. When He turns to look at me I'm in a bit of shock and excitement as I ask to verify "wait, wait, wait -- we're going to do THAT?!" He nods His head and in my excitement, I start to nod, too.

In the past, I would get so excited that I'd take off running towards that cliff in the blink of an eye and before Jesus could even get the words out I would be jumping off that cliff! And in the distance, I would hear Jesus say...


He'd shake His head with a smirk, run after me, jump off the cliff and catch me in His wind and sweetly look up and say...

"It wasn't time yet", as He chuckled and took us back to the path.

Gosh, I used to get so embarrassed when I did that! I promise, if my complexion was lighter I'd have been blushing! I would get so dang excited that I would leave my relationship with Him to do the adventure that He had for US to do all on my own. SMH, I know I'm not the only one who has done this! But in His goodness, His mercy, & His kindness, He smiles (I'm sure with the thought "my child is crazy") and gets me back exactly where He wanted me to be.

Now, some people have experienced all that, and rather than allowing Him to love them even their mistakes they become immobilized in their adventure with the Lord thinking...

"What if I mess up again?!?!"

If this is you, let me tell you that He's sweetly looking you in the eyes and singing "I'll be there" by the Jackson 5 trying to help you see that mistakes are a part of the adventure! It brings Him joy to do the adventure with us and get us back on the path when we get excited and stray. His warm eyes look at us with a swell of love when we act exactly as He knows He's created us to be. It's His pleasure to lovingly correct and grow us to be ready for the next part of the adventure of Him.

So, that the next time He has that interaction on the path it looks more like...

"Jesus, stop playing! Are we really gonna do that?!?"

"Yeah, we sure are! It looks amazing right!"

"I'm drooling that looks so good! But how are we gonna get there? This path is swerving right, while that is far left."

"Don't worry. We'll get there. I just wanted you to share in my excitement and know where we're going because things are about to get a little crazy as we keep going on this path. But it's going to be worth it!"

Is that not the most beautiful picture?! Along that path so many of us lose the passion of dreaming with Jesus for fear that'd we mess His plan up. But He's not bothered by a couple of detours. He's bothered by your fear that keeps you from continuing to walk with Him and wants you to allow His perfect love to cast out your fear (1 John 4:18).

The responsibility that you own in this adventure is hearing the vision He has for your life, taking His hand on the journey, & speaking back out in faith all the promises that He has specifically given to you. Do you know what those promises are? They are the DESIRES OF YOUR HEART!

My favorite thing to do is sit with Jesus and dream. I ask Him "what about this dream" and He says "Oooo, but what if we added this?!" We love the process of dreaming with Him, but then when it's time to start moving we let fear overtake us!

Psalms 37:4 says "take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart."

Those dreams that you and the Lord are building together at the cliff far off in your view that He's pointed out. Being a part of the journey with Him looks like seeing what He is showing you, taking delight in things you've dreamed together about, girding your loins for the journey and leaning into the hard part that is coming knowing that the adventure with Him no matter the mistakes, the redos, and the successes are all worth it because you are living exactly as He has created you to be WITH HIM.

I hope that excites you because it definitely excites me! It relieves so much tension knowing that I can't disappoint Him. With my vision statement in hand reminding me of the character, He's formed in me, the clarity of what it looks like to live my values while on the journey, & eyes to see the people who He wants me to love, I feel equipped and ready to take ownership for my part in our journey and relationship.

If you're reading this and realize that the reason you are feeling fear is because you don't have the clarity of a vision statement to keep close to your heart, know we have been there! Click on "Find a Coach" above to get started with your session today!

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